lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

Tea with Jane

"Jane Austen loved tea"  
The beginning of Kim Wilson book "Tea with Jane Austen" 
inspired me for this afternoon tea. 

"Jane Austen amava il tè!
Ho tratto ispirazione per il mio angolo del tè dal bellissimo libro
 "Tea with Jane" di Kim Wilson.

From Tea with Jane Austen, Kim Wilson, Jones Books
"Jane Austen was in charge of making her family's breakfast every morning, including the most important part of breakfast: the tea" (...)
(Tea with Jane Austen, Kim Wilson, Jones Books)

Jane Austen aveva il compito di preparare la colazione per la famiglia tutte le mattine, compreso la parte più importante: il tè.

In the background "My Dear Cassandra" a beautiful  color book which contains many beautiful illustrations and texts from letters to her sister

Sullo sfondo "My Dear Cassandra" un bellissimo libro a colori che contiene illustrazioni e testi tratti dalle lettere di Jane alla sorella Cassandra

The inkpot was a gift for my degree and a cammeo is my precious  handmade jewel dedicated to Jane Austen

Il calamaio è stato un regalo che ho ricevuto alla laurea
 ed il cammeo è il prezioso gioiello fatto a mano dedicato a Jane Austen

I love the Tea set for its shape and colors that expresses 
simplicity and elegance at the same time!

Adoro questo servizio da tè. Proviene da un mercatino dell'antiquaritato, è in porcellana Bavaria. Lo trovo semplice ed elegante nello stesso tempo!

"Tea was a welcome diversion due to the long gap after the early dinner hour of the time,
and it was sometimes accompained by a tray of solid eatables". 
(from "My Dear Cassandra"  Letters to her sister selected and introduced 
by Penelope Huges-Hallet) 

I've bought the yellow figurine at Portobello Market many years ago. 
It made me think Jane ad her fashion dress!

Ho comprato la damina gialla al mercatino di Portobello molti anni fa. 

Mi ricorda Jane e la moda del suo tempo!

Some Jane Austen book...
My last purchase has been "In the garden with Jane Austen" by Kim Wilson.
 Beautiful! Soon I'll write a post about it!!

Qualche libro di Jane Austen ... 
Il mio ultimo acquisto è stato "In the garden with Jane Austen" sempre di Kim Wilson. 

  Bellissimo! Presto scriverò un post a riguardo!

The little house is a carillon bought at an english flea market. 
Does it seem Chawton Cottage?? May be for its colors...:)

La casa è un carillon comprato in un mercato delle pulci inglese. 

Non sembra un po' Chawton Cottage? Forse...per i suoi colori ... :)

Jane Austen House at Chawton
Some months ago I made this felt Jane Austen . I love create it!

Alcuni mesi fa ho realizzato con il feltro questa silouhette di Jane. 
Mi piace realizzare questi lavori!

Many thanks for your visit! :)
Quote and images are from these books....

Questi sono i libri di cui vi ho scritto in questo post.
Purtroppo non solo ancora stati tradotti in italiano... 
Speriamo che presto qualche buon editore ne accolga l'entusiasmo e decida di farlo!:)

"Tea with Jane Austen
by Kim Wilson

A well researched history of Ausen-era tea drinking at 
different times of day and in different settings.
It shares the secrets of the drinking in Regency Period  with verses, recipes, quotations charmingly illustrated.

"My Dear Cassandra"  
Letters to her sister selected and introduced 
by Penelope Huges-Hallet

The book "My Dear Cassandra", contains most of the surviving letters from Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra. The letters are all written between 1796 and Jane's death in 1817 and contain a wealth of information about their lives at that time. The book has illustrations and paintings depicting the fashion, transport, people and places. 

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  1. What a lovely tribute to Miss Jane! Sweet tea set too.

  2. Your post is wonderful! I adore Jane Austen and her writings as well. This vignette you have set up is loving tribute to her. The tea set is just right as well. I do like that little house. It does remind one of Jane's residence. What does "carillon" mean? I know that here in the US it would be a large percussion instrument....bells....
    The books look great. I have the Tea With Jane Austen book too and love it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful post about Jane and tea!

  3. Love your tribute to Jane!
    I've done a tea to celebrate today's publication of Pride and Prejudice in 1813 -
    come join me for tea and some chat =)

  4. I love your tea set for this Jane Austen tea table. I enjoy your mentioning these books. I have not seen the Cassandra book but I have seen the tea book. I think I would enjoy both of them and appreciate your thoughts! Have a wonderful week!


  5. Jane Austin is the best and I love your tribute to her. :) The felt you've made is really sweet. I've been seeing a few felt pictures and ornaments lately and am feeling like it might be a lovely thing to try to do. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you. :)

  6. So happy you joined us for Tea Cup Tuesday. I love Jane Austin. Your post today is just wonderful. I hope you will visit us again often. Blessings, Martha