domenica 25 maggio 2014

Wedding inspiration...

Images from a wedding that capture the mind and keep the memory ... 
...Wishing them joy and all the happiness and always...!:)

Beautiful hats to welcome the bride to church....

...cheerful, coloured and small hats for the launch of the rice...


...a beautiful bouquet of roses...

...fresh flowers for a basket with wedding rings...

... cheerful and colorful flowers on the wedding reception tables...

... lovely photos ... flowers with wedding weil...

...the beautiful lemon delights cake from Sorrento!!

Best wishes to the bride and the groom!!:)

mercoledì 7 maggio 2014

The May Tea Time

Tea Time is for the occasion of the bicentenary of the publication of Mansfield Park on May 9, 1814 by Thomas Egerton.  The novel appeared after Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice and was written by Jane Austen at Chawton between 1811 and 1813 when she was in her late thirties.

Title page, edition 1908
Mansfield Park is the most controversial of Austen's major novels. It is a study of threee families with the isolated figure of the heroine, Fanny Price at its centre.

The illustrations showed are from the Mansfield Park edition illustrated by Charles Edmund Brock a famous book illustrator who signed his work C.E. BrockHe was born on 5 February 1870 in Holloway, London.

While Fanny cut the roses ~ Volume I, Chapter VII 

He illustrated books for authors such as Jonathan Swift, William Thackeray, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot.  
"Oh, this is beautiful indeed!" ~ Volume II, Chapter IX 

He and his brother, who was a book illustrator too (he signed his work H.M. Brock) owned a large collection of Regency items (era costume, prints, fashion plates, clothes).  He died on 28 February 1938 in Cambridge. 
The complete Brock work are on line thanks to Molland's web site, a community and resource site for Jane Austen fans!

"No, no!" she cried, hiding her face ~ Volume II, Chapter XIII 
Last year, the Royal Mail joined the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice with the release of a series of stamps featuring all six of Jane Austen's novels. 

I've bought them in a set with beautiful postcards! Of course I show Mansfield Park theme!

"Good, gentle Fanny!" ~ Volume III, Chapter V (36)

My sweet figurine seems to come out from a Jane's novel! :)

Thank you for your visit! :)

Enjoy Mansfield Park reading!!:):)